31 Jan

PharmacyBC/The Medicine Shoppe to support the South Vancouver Community Policing Centre’s (SVPC) annual Chinese New Year Fundraising Dinner

January 31st, 2016

PharmacyBC/The Medicine Shoppe is happy to announce that we are continuing to support the South Vancouver Community Policing Centre’s (SVPC) annual Chinese New Year Fundraising Dinner, taking place at the delectable Fraser Court Seafood Restaurant. This year, SVPC is fundraising to support the purchase of a new mobile bike storage unit, which will enable the SVPC to continue to keep our communities safe by keeping their volunteers on the move!

PharmacyBC/The Medicine Shoppe is committed to improving and supporting our communities and their health. That is why we have rolled out several innovative service programs, such as: ‘Pharmacy with Care’, where we provide a suite of medication services provided by professional nurses; HealthTab, which enables you to complete a number of routine health tests – such as blood glucose tests – right in our pharmacies and allows you to access your results on a mobile device; and our INSTI rapid HIV tests, offered for free to the community. For more information about these programs and our other services, please visit our website at:

The South Vancouver Community Policing Centre community crime prevention office is a place where community members and businesses can meet and work with the police, in a non-crisis environment, to address crime and safety concerns. Staffed almost entirely by volunteers, day to day activities include: coordination of police crime prevention programs such as Bike Patrol; participation in community projects such as clean-up campaigns, graffiti paint-outs, public awareness initiatives; and generally helping the public with non-emergency crime-related problems. To learn more about SVCP and their services, please visit their website at:

20 Jan

Walk to Okinawa

January 20th, 2016

PharmacyBC/The Medicine Shoppe is proud to announce that we are sponsoring the first Annual Vancouver Walk to Okinawa event, generously hosted by the Vancouver Seniors Services Providers.

The Walk to Okinawa is a community based event simulating a trek from Vancouver, BC to Okinawa, Japan. Why Okinawa, of all places? The Island of Okinawa has earned the distinction of being the residence of the world’s longest-living and healthiest adults. Physical activity is one of the major pillars of the balanced lifestyle that Okinawans embrace.

The month-long walk seeks to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle by getting Vancouver seniors walking. The first 500 walkers to sign up to participate will receive a podometer to record their total steps taken during the walking event, running from February 15 – March 15, 2016. We then invite the community to please join us and our fellow sponsors at the beautiful VanDusen Gardens on Sunday, April 17th 2016 for a seniors event featuring a wide range of community organizations and services designed to improve your health.

PharmacyBC/The Medicine Shoppe is dedicated to supporting our community’s health and well-being, by participating in community events and running community-oriented health programs such as our Pharmacy with Care program and introducing the technology-forward program, HealthTab. To learn more about our programs and services and how they can be leveraged to improve your health, please see our website at

The Vancouver Seniors Services Providers are a group of senior service providers in the Vancouver area who deliver a broad range of quality services and products to seniors and their families. Their mission is to improve the lives of seniors and the families with excellence, integrity and compassion. To learn more about Vancouver Seniors Services Providers and their services, check out their website at

07 Dec

PharmacyBC attends the St. Paul’s Hospital Continuing Medical Education (CME) Conference

December 7th, 2015

The St. Paul’s Hospital CME conference focuses on that evidence based review of practical information, new trends in the industry, and discussion of important, controversial topics useful specifically targeted towards physicians practicing in urban or rural areas.

The 61st edition of this annual conference, centered on primary care medicine, provided us a great opportunity to discuss the ‘Pharmacy with Care’ program with primary care physicians.

The PharmacyBC booth was operated by Renee Lodge-Thornley, Director of Pharmacy Services, and  Pharmacist Vishal Trivedi. Conference attendees were eligible to enter a giveaway draw for Purdy’s chocolates.

About Providence Health Care (website:

Providence Health Care was founded in 1857 and today is a leader in rehabilitation for patients who have experienced strokes, orthopaedic surgery, and geriatric rehabilitation.

About St. Paul’s Hospital (website:’s-hospital)

St. Paul’s Hospital is one of the oldest seven health care facilities operated by Providence Health Care. St Paul’s Hospital is home to the Pacific Adult Congenital Heart Disease unit.

06 Dec

Pharmacy BC’s Bob Rai recognized for contribution by the Officers’ Mess at November Curry Luncheon

December 6th, 2015

Submitted by: Capt Adam McLeod – PMC, Officers’ Mess

With Remembrance Day only two short weeks behind us, and a busy Holiday season on the horizon, it was delightful to see such a well-attended luncheon this month! November’s Monthly Curry Luncheon (hosted by the Officers’ Mess and coordinated by the Regimental Association) featured a delicious “Taste of Korea” curry lunch, prepared by Two Peas in a Pod Catering. The Meet and Greet was held in the Officers’ Mess and the luncheon took place in the WOs’ and Sgts’ Mess.

Prior to the meal, Hon Col Hawthorne and Major Evans welcomed guests to the Regiment. The CO took the time to recognize and thank Mr. Bob Rai and Mr. Ranjiv Sandhu (pictured) for their generous contribution towards the battlefield tour, and presented them with framed pictures of the tour.

Speaking of framed pictures, LCol(R) David Sproule very generously donated a 19th Century print of Wellington at Waterloo, which he had restored and framed (pictured). LCol(R) Sproule’s gift to the Mess Art Collection will be placed above the etching of Napoleon on the Champs de Mars. Wellington’s placement above Napoleon is appropriate both in that Wellington won the battle, but also because it raises it high enough on the wall that subbies can’t damage it by accident.

We were also very happy to host some new guests this month, including many of our friends from 39 Canadian Brigade Group (39 CBG) Headquarters, including the Bde G3, Maj Tom Compton, the G7, Maj Richard “Mike” Soley, Capt Mike Bain, Capt Kim Ficke-Funk, and Lt Jeff Nichols. Also in attendance were Col Bryan Gagne, senior serving Duke, and LCol(R) Dave Sproule. The CO gave a quick update on the Regiment, and reminded everyone of the Regimental Association Christmas Luncheon on Dec 3rd, as well as the Soldiers’ Appreciation Dinner on December 12th.

The next curry luncheon will be held on Thursday, Jan 28th, 2016. Many thanks to everyone who attended this month’s Curry Luncheon!November Curry Luncheon

24 Jul

Learning with the British Columbia Pharmacy Association

July 24th, 2015

From May 21 to 23, members of the British Columbia pharmacy community gathered for the 2015 BC Pharmacy Association Conference in Victoria. The conference provided pharmacy professionals with value insights and best practices to better help clients and general public.

In attendance from the Medicine Shoppe team was Co-Founder, Bob Rai.

About British Columbia Pharmacy Association (website:

The British Columbia Pharmacy Association (BCPhA) is a non-profit association that aims to support and advance the professional role and economic viability of members so they can provide enhanced patient-centred care.

BCPhA represents more than 3,000 pharmacist members and more than 850 pharmacies across British Columbia. BCPhA is recognized as a leader in representing the interest in pharmacies and pharmacists throughout the province.

BCPhA works with UBC’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the College of Pharmacists of BC to ensure the most current and useful information is provided to the public.

24 Jul

HIV Testing in Innovative Settings with bioLytical Laboratories

July 24th, 2015

On July 21, bioLytical Laboratories held a symposium titled HIV Testing in Innovative Settings. Symposium attendees were provided insights and best practices of the rapid changing world of HIV testing. Bob Rai from and Dr. Harpreet Rai were invited guests.

At Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, we believe in providing the most innovative solutions to prevent and treat health issues. PharmacyBC was the first in Canada to provide free HIV testing and first in Canada to provide consumer health statuses through a single blood prick test.

About bioLytical Laboratories (website:

Founded in 2002, bioLytical Laboratories is a world leader in rapid diagnostic testing. bioLytical Laboratories is sells and markets the INSTI HIV test supported by countries around the world including Canada, United States, European Union, and others. The INSTI HIV test takes less than 60 seconds to provide you with your HIV status.

Currently PharmacyBC utilizes bioLytical’s INSTI HIV test. For more information, please visit


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