27 Mar

Pharmacy BC at Innovation to Application

March 27th, 2016


This past February marked the first Innovation to Application conference that brought together a network of community pharmacies and healthcare innovators in order to spark positive change and collaboration. The idea came from two UBC colleagues, Nicole Tsao and Mark Kunzli, who were aided by PharmacyBC’s Bob Rai to realize their mutual goal.

Bob Rai was there with PharmacyBC to give a presentation (below) on their INSTI HIV Antibody test. This impressive test can be done in less than a minute, providing patients with accurate test results right way. They’ve been working closely with other pharmacies to implement the test during their pilot session, with very positive results.

Bob and his team were also there to promote other innovative approaches PharmacyBC is taking towards their patients, including the Healthtab Provider technology and the Pharmacy With Care program, where pharmacists actually go out to patients’ homes to administer care. It’s practices such as these that make PharmacyBC one of the leading healthcare providers in the province.

Bob rail spoke about howPharmacyBC feels events like Innovation to Application is important, and how PharmacyBC is doing things differently.


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