07 Dec

PharmacyBC attends the St. Paul’s Hospital Continuing Medical Education (CME) Conference

December 7th, 2015

The St. Paul’s Hospital CME conference focuses on that evidence based review of practical information, new trends in the industry, and discussion of important, controversial topics useful specifically targeted towards physicians practicing in urban or rural areas.

The 61st edition of this annual conference, centered on primary care medicine, provided us a great opportunity to discuss the ‘Pharmacy with Care’ program with primary care physicians.

The PharmacyBC booth was operated by Renee Lodge-Thornley, Director of Pharmacy Services, and  Pharmacist Vishal Trivedi. Conference attendees were eligible to enter a giveaway draw for Purdy’s chocolates.

About Providence Health Care (website:

Providence Health Care was founded in 1857 and today is a leader in rehabilitation for patients who have experienced strokes, orthopaedic surgery, and geriatric rehabilitation.

About St. Paul’s Hospital (website:’s-hospital)

St. Paul’s Hospital is one of the oldest seven health care facilities operated by Providence Health Care. St Paul’s Hospital is home to the Pacific Adult Congenital Heart Disease unit.


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