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As part of our Pharmacy with Care Program we provide daily blood pressure monitoring when needed. The readings are taken by Licensed Practical Nurses and recorded daily. The readings can also be submitted to patients doctor if requested.
The Pharmacy Team member will also call 911 if they feel the patients blood pressure is so high as to be life threatening and will stay with the patient until the ambulance arrives. They can also perform CPR if they feel it is necessary.

Additionally all six of our locations have a seated blood pressure monitoring system called Pharmasmart. This blood pressure machine is very accurate. A patient can get a Pharmasmart card that will track your blood pressure day to day or week to week and print out your last 10 results. The main benefit of the pharmasmart machine, besides the tracking feature, is the accuracy of the machine. Most of the blood pressure machines in retail settings are serviced approximately once a year. Our machines are serviced monthly, so you can count on the result.

Also if you are concerned about your readings the pharmacist on duty will be happy to help you decipher what they mean to you and contact your physician, if requested.