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The Medicine Shoppe offers FREE delivery for prescription medications as well as a daily dispense witness program. Our Licensed Practical Nurse's will deliver your medications to your door free of charge.

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Prescription medication adherence Statistics:

  • Of adults over 65 years of age 81% take one or more prescriptions a day
  • Of adults over 65 years of age 29% take five or more medications
  • Over 15% of all hospital admissions are due to taking medications improperly
  • Over 25% of hospital admissions for the elderly
  • Adherence is inversely proportional to the frequency of dosing (ie- once a day dosing compliance =80% whereas four times a day dosing compliance= 50%)
  • The cost in Canada of non-adherence is approximately $9 billion a year
  • Blister packing can increase adherence by over 50%
  • Blister packing has been shown to decrease health care costs

What is Blister Packing?

Blister packing is a process whereby the pharmacy fills a “pack” with all of your medications. We take all the worry off your mind. We pre-pack for you all your medications so you wont forget any of them or take them at the wrong time of day .

The easiest way to increase adherence is to have your medications Blister Packed. Here at PharmacyBC Group we blister pack for people on a a daily basis as well as weekly and monthly.

At PharmacyBC Group all of our daily and weekly blister packs are made with our state of the art SynMed machine. The machine fills and seals all your packs as well as providing a colour picture of each medication thats in your pack. Syn Med has a 99.99% accuracy rate, not to mention the triple pharmacist check of all packs before they leave the pharmacy.

The daily program is what we call our Pharmacy With Care Program. This is the program where we come to your residence on a daily basis and help to administer your medications, monitor blood pressure, monitor blood glucose, help with Exelon or Nitro-Dur Patches, help with insulin administration and much more.

The weekly program has a lot of the same attributes except we come to your residence (or you can pick up your prescriptions) and deliver your medications.