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We at PharmacyBC Group were one of the original pharmacies involved with the Medication Review Pilot Program. This was launched by the government in response to skyrocketing medication and medical costs. By reviewing all medications with a patient it has been seen that adherence to taking medications improves drastically. What this means in essence is that the better a person understands what they are taking, why they need to take it,when they should take it, the better the medications will work. Overall health improves. Costs go down.

Here at the PharmacyBC Group we provide medication reviews in house, at your home as well as at Seniors Fairs, Educational Events and more.

What is a medication review?

A medication review is a one on one interaction between you and your pharmacist in a private area. We review all the medications you are on, including all OTC and herbal medications, and talk about how you are doing on them. We review each medication one at a time and review what each is for as well as common side effects of each medication. We also make suggestions if you are having any problems. We also go over things that affect your health including diet, exercise as well as contact your doctor if we feel a medication change needs to be made. This takes anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending on how many medications you are on.

Call and book an appointment for a medication review today or try our online booking calendar.

As long as certain criteria* are met most medication reviews are/can be covered by pharmacare.

Criteria – A person must be on 5 medications. Only a certain number of medication reviews are allowable during a certain time period.