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Pharmacy With Care

The Medicine Shoppe offers FREE delivery for prescription medications as well as a daily dispense witness program. Our Licensed Practical Nurse's will deliver your medications to your door free of charge.

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We will come to you, no matter where you are.


The Pharmacy with Care program was pioneered by the PharmacyBC Group. It has been in existence for almost 7 years now and has grown almost exponentially since it’s inception in 2007. The program was created because of a need we saw in the community for expanded patient care. There were patients that were experiencing a “gap” in care that we felt needed to be addressed. The results of this Program have been nothing short of astounding.

What is the Pharmacy With Care Program?

The program started as a program in which we would visit the patient on a daily/weekly basis and help them with their medications. It has since morphed into a full service medication assistance program. We pick up your prescription, fill it for you, and deliver it on a daily basis, if required. We also witness medication administration as well as, but not limited to, a host of other services listed below:


  • Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) can assist with blood glucose and administration of insulin.
  • Pre-filled insulin program with witnessed injection available
  • Daily/weekly blood glucose monitoring
  • Insulin injection and glucose monitor training
  • Patient medication profile for at home use (MAR sheet)
  • Daily/ weekly logging of all insulin doses (if on sliding scale) and report to caregiver/doctor, if requested
  • Daily/weekly logging of all blood glucose readings as well as reporting to caregiver/doctor, if requested


  • Daily witness ingestion of medications
  • Administration and removal of Exelon patches
  • Recording of patient mood/state daily as well as reporting to caregiver/doctor, if requested

Additional Service Offerings:

  • Medication Reviews available twice a year covered by Pharmacare* (certain medical criteria need to be met)
  • Specialized compounding services
  • Vitamins can be packaged in your blister pack
  • Supply sharps container/disposal
  • Ostomy supplies
  • Seven languages spoken
  • Pharmacist available for in home visits

Automation and Safety

All of our Pharmacy With Care patients have their packs filled by our SynMed machine. The SynMed machine automates distribution of your medication within the blister card. Each blister is identified with your name, which medication to take, and the day and the time it must be taken.
You’ll get a card from us with clear and precise information. The full-colour card that includes your picture, your pharmaceutical profile, and even pictures of the medication you need to take.

Standards Of Care

Our standard of specialized care is always being assessed and improved.. And our six stores are strategically situated so we can provide our service from Chilliwack to Point Grey and from Agassiz to Coquitlam. We have you covered for the entire Fraser Valley/Lower Mainland.

We’ve learned that if you care, it shows.

**Many more services are available. Additional in-home services may have a fee-per-service cost.