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The Medicine Shoppe offers FREE delivery for prescription medications as well as a daily dispense witness program. Our Licensed Practical Nurse's will deliver your medications to your door free of charge.

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Flu Shot


We can immunize you at any one
of our 6 locations in the Lower Mainland.

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At PharmacyBC Group our business is prescriptions. We are not about toilet paper and tires. We specialize in filling and delivering prescriptions in a professional, accurate and efficient manner. Whether its daily ,weekly or monthly it doesn’t matter.

We always have time to counsel our patients. if you need to speak with a pharmacist you don’t need an appointment, we are always there.
You will never enter one of our stores to find the pharmacy section locked up because we do only pharmacy. If you need your prescription picked up, we do that as well.

At PharmacyBC Group the patient/customer is always number one and there’s nothing we won’t try and do to improve the quality of your health. If it’s possible, we will do it.

In addition to all the fantastic customer service we also have very competitive prices.