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PharmacyBc Group has an automated prescription filling system for solid oral medications that require Daily/Weekly Blister packaging called “SynMed”. This is the most used system in Community and Hospital Pharmacies Canada wide today.

SynMed increases the efficiency in the Pharmacy by being able to dispense up to 55 doses a minute as well as the accuracy of the prescription filling process.

When the prescriptions are filled by SynMed a card is printed that goes along with the Daily/Weekly pack. The printed card has a barcode that must be matched up with the correct “pack” before the system will allow the prescriptions to be filled. This card also has the names of all medications in the pack, the number of pills in each compartment, the directions on how to take all the medications, as well as a colour picture of all medications in the package.

The capacity of the SynMed is quite extraordinary as it can hold up to 400 different medications as well as the ability to add pre-packed
sublingual tablets and many others manually, if necessary.

All the above features provide multiple layers of visual checks for pharmacy staff to ensure the safety and accuracy of all prescriptions before they leave the pharmacy.