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The Pharmacy with Care program was pioneered by the PharmacyBC Group. It has been in existence for almost 7 years now and has grown almost exponentially since it’s inception in 2007. The program was created because of a need we saw in the community for expanded patient care. There were patients that were experiencing a “gap” in care that we felt needed to be addressed. The results of this Program have been nothing short of astounding.

What is the Pharmacy With Care Program?

The program started as a program in which we would visit the patient on a daily/weekly basis and help them with their medications. It has since morphed into a full service medication assistance program. We pick up your prescription, fill it for you, and deliver it on a daily basis, if required. We also witness medication administration as well as, but not limited to, a host of other services listed below:


  • Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) can assist with blood glucose and administration of insulin.
  • Pre-filled insulin program with witnessed injection available
  • Daily/weekly blood glucose monitoring
  • Insulin injection and glucose monitor training
  • Patient medication profile for at home use (MAR sheet)
  • Daily/ weekly logging of all insulin doses (if on sliding scale) and report to caregiver/doctor, if requested
  • Daily/weekly logging of all blood glucose readings as well as reporting to caregiver/doctor, if requested


  • Daily witness ingestion of medications
  • Administration and removal of Exelon patches
  • Recording of patient mood/state daily as well as reporting to caregiver/doctor, if requested

Additional Service Offerings:

  • Medication Reviews available twice a year covered by Pharmacare* (certain medical criteria need to be met)
  • Specialized compounding services
  • Vitamins can be packaged in your blister pack
  • Supply sharps container/disposal
  • Ostomy supplies
  • Seven languages spoken
  • Pharmacist available for in home visits

Automation and Safety

All of our Pharmacy With Care patients have their packs filled by our SynMed machine. The SynMed machine automates distribution of your medication within the blister card. Each blister is identified with your name, which medication to take, and the day and the time it must be taken.
You’ll get a card from us with clear and precise information. The full-colour card that includes your picture, your pharmaceutical profile, and even pictures of the medication you need to take.

Standards Of Care

Our standard of specialized care is always being assessed and improved.. And our six stores are strategically situated so we can provide our service from Chilliwack to Point Grey and from Agassiz to Coquitlam. We have you covered for the entire Fraser Valley/Lower Mainland.

We’ve learned that if you care, it shows.

**Many more services are available. Additional in-home services may have a fee-per-service cost.

Medication Reviews

We at PharmacyBC Group were one of the original pharmacies involved with the Medication Review Pilot Program. This was launched by the government in response to skyrocketing medication and medical costs. By reviewing all medications with a patient it has been seen that adherence to taking medications improves drastically. What this means in essence is that the better a person understands what they are taking, why they need to take it,when they should take it, the better the medications will work. Overall health improves. Costs go down.

Here at the PharmacyBC Group we provide medication reviews in house, at your home as well as at Seniors Fairs, Educational Events and more.

What is a medication review?

A medication review is a one on one interaction between you and your pharmacist in a private area. We review all the medications you are on, including all OTC and herbal medications, and talk about how you are doing on them. We review each medication one at a time and review what each is for as well as common side effects of each medication. We also make suggestions if you are having any problems. We also go over things that affect your health including diet, exercise as well as contact your doctor if we feel a medication change needs to be made. This takes anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending on how many medications you are on.

Call and book an appointment for a medication review today or try our online booking calendar.

As long as certain criteria* are met most medication reviews are/can be covered by pharmacare.

Criteria – A person must be on 5 medications. Only a certain number of medication reviews are allowable during a certain time period.

Health and Wellness

Here at PharmacyBC Group, health and wellness is our highest concern. We provide medication information sheets with every new prescription. In store we have pamphlets on a large variety of topics.

You can also book an appointment to speak with any of our pharmacists on any medication related issues. All of our pharmacists can also converse on natural products and their actions and potential interactions with prescription medications.

As mentioned all of our pharmacies have an on site blood pressure machine, scales and body fat analyzers. After getting a body fat analysis done this may be a perfect time for a quick chat regarding a healthy diet and the benefits of weight loss for your health.

Long-Term Healthcare Facilities

We at PharmacyBC Group take care of several Long Term Care facilities and have been for several years. All of the medications, including vitamins, are packed in their daily/weekly blister packs. As mentioned all packs are made by our SynMed machine whose efficiency and accuracy are unparalleled.

In addition to long term care we also have short term care facilities, recovery homes and Rehab centres. Any type of medication needs you have, we can help. Remember we are just a phone call away.

Ask a Pharmacist

Here at we are medication experts so that’s why we have created this “Ask A Pharmacist Page” . You can ask a pharmacist some of the most common medication questions related, but not limited to, the topics below. We will get back to you within 24 hours:

Anxiety and Depression
Drug Dosage and Directions
Drug Side Effects
Drug Interaction and Safety
High Blood Pressure
Vitamins and Supplements
OTC Medications
Diet and Nutrition
Cold and Flu
Heartburn and Indigestion
Women’s Health
Pregnancy and Lactation
Sleep Aids


Pharmacy BC is proud to be a leader in technology and health as we implement telemedicine system through Tia Health and CloudMD. Telemedicine has updated the traditional doctor-patient dynamic, allowing for greater access, engagement and responsibility of patients in their own healthcare. Tia Health and CloudMD will seek to utilize the latest iteration of telemedicine technology to deliver the best interactive healthcare possible. Telemedicine eliminates any geographical barriers to healthcare access. Rural, remote or urban centres share equal access to medical assistance and expertise through telemedicine. Studies have shown that videoconferencing and image sharing between patients and physicians helps to create a “participatory environment”, which in turn increases adherence to medical therapies and improves patient health outcomes.

The combined expertise and knowledge of the Pharmacist, Nurses and Physicians can help improve patient safety, reduce time consuming and costly emergency department and hospital admissions and improve the general health of the community while reducing costs to the healthcare system. For the patient, visiting a Tia Health and CloudMD ‘Patient Studio’ at Pharmacy BC is essentially the same as visiting a traditional doctor’s office. Trained nursing staff are onsite to provide first-hand support for the patient and relay information to the attending doctor, who interacts with the patient via video link. The location of the ‘Patient Studio’ in a pharmacy helps to streamline the healthcare process as prescriptions can be picked up on site, and allows the pharmacy to become a ‘center of care’ within the community.

Book an appointment with us today at our Abbotsford location.

Prescription Services


What is Compounding?

At Pharmacy BC/The Medicine Shoppe, we offer compounding services for our patients. Pharmaceutical compounding is the practice of producing custom-made medication according to the patient’s needs, as opposed to commercially manufactured medication. Our pharmacists understand our patients and the challenges they sometimes may face with their medications. Compounding offers effective workarounds to many obstacles which are seldom addressed by regular medication. Some of these include:

  • Patients with allergies and intolerances to non-medicinal ingredients and preservatives
  • Patients who require alternative administration methods such as topical, liquid, lollipop, rectal, etc.
  • Children who struggle with oral medication due to bad taste
  • Patients who require medication that is no longer commercial made, or is on shortage

Our compounds are made using the highest quality ingredients. We offer compounding services at all seven of our locations across the Lower Mainland. Custom medication is available for a wide range of treatment areas including:

  • Pain Management
  • Arthritis
  • Hormone Therapy
  • Sports Medicine
  • Wound Care and Scar Treatment
  • Allergy Treatment
  • Anti-Aging
  • Cosmetics

Should you have any additional questions about our compounding services or about our pharmacy, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Medication Monitoring Enhanced.

A Revolution in Medication Adherence in Independent and Assisted Living Communities.


Each year, medication non-adherence is the cause of:

  • 10% of all hospital admissions
  • 25% of all hospital admissions for the elderly, and
  • 23% of all nursing home admissions

PharmacyBC’s ConnectPac service

PharmacyBC’s ConnectPac medication monitoring systems consists of familiar disposable medication packs combined with an application to notify professional caregivers and family members of medication usage. Our solution helps to identify medication non-adherence in residents, which may reduce staff input, could reduce hospital visits and may potentially increase your occupancy and associated revenues.


ConnectPac’s Solution

Quickly identify residents who are unable to manage medications on their own, allowing the right service to be provided to those in need. This can be achieved without seniors having to learn a new technology – they simply take medications as they have in the past.

  • Time:
    • Reduce staff time spent doing medication reminders
    • Reduce workload due to emergency room visits
  • Revenue:
    • New revenue stream
    • Reduce the likelihood of residents moving to higher levels of care
    • Identify need for additional services
  • Wellness:
    • Key part of any wellness program
    • Residents feel better when adherent to medications
  • Packaging:
    • Familiar packaging
    • No technology for seniors to learn
  • Family Members:
    • Engage family members
    • Peace of mind


Daily / Weekly Dispense

Prescription medication adherence Statistics:

  • Of adults over 65 years of age 81% take one or more prescriptions a day
  • Of adults over 65 years of age 29% take five or more medications
  • Over 15% of all hospital admissions are due to taking medications improperly
  • Over 25% of hospital admissions for the elderly
  • Adherence is inversely proportional to the frequency of dosing (ie- once a day dosing compliance =80% whereas four times a day dosing compliance= 50%)
  • The cost in Canada of non-adherence is approximately $9 billion a year
  • Blister packing can increase adherence by over 50%
  • Blister packing has been shown to decrease health care costs

What is Blister Packing?

Blister packing is a process whereby the pharmacy fills a “pack” with all of your medications. We take all the worry off your mind. We pre-pack for you all your medications so you wont forget any of them or take them at the wrong time of day .

The easiest way to increase adherence is to have your medications Blister Packed. Here at PharmacyBC Group we blister pack for people on a a daily basis as well as weekly and monthly.

At PharmacyBC Group all of our daily and weekly blister packs are made with our state of the art SynMed machine. The machine fills and seals all your packs as well as providing a colour picture of each medication thats in your pack. Syn Med has a 99.99% accuracy rate, not to mention the triple pharmacist check of all packs before they leave the pharmacy.

The daily program is what we call our Pharmacy With Care Program. This is the program where we come to your residence on a daily basis and help to administer your medications, monitor blood pressure, monitor blood glucose, help with Exelon or Nitro-Dur Patches, help with insulin administration and much more.

The weekly program has a lot of the same attributes except we come to your residence (or you can pick up your prescriptions) and deliver your medications.

Free Delivery

The PharmacyBC Group has a fleet of vehicles that will pick up/deliver your prescriptions free of charge. This delivery service also includes the Daily/Weekly blister pack patients. All of our drivers have been fully trained there are many cross checks in place to ensure accurate delivery and or ingestion.

We deliver from Chilliwack to West Vancouver and usually have next day delivery.
Also we employ 11 Licensed Practical Nurses for any patient on the Daily Witness Program that requires help with: medication administration, insulin injection , blood pressure monitoring, blood glucose monitoring, Exelon or Nitro-Dur patch application or removal.

7 days a week delivery, 7am to 9pm, west vancouver to hope. 14 vehicles in fleet, usually next day delivery

This delivery service also includes help with any emergency services that may be needed, for example calling 911 or administration of CPR. The LPN will also wait with the patient until this help arrives on scene. Additionally we will also contact family member/caregiver if there is no response at the residence when we arrive.


At PharmacyBC Group our business is prescriptions. We are not about toilet paper and tires. We specialize in filling and delivering prescriptions in a professional, accurate and efficient manner. Whether its daily ,weekly or monthly it doesn’t matter.

We always have time to counsel our patients. if you need to speak with a pharmacist you don’t need an appointment, we are always there.
You will never enter one of our stores to find the pharmacy section locked up because we do only pharmacy. If you need your prescription picked up, we do that as well.

At PharmacyBC Group the patient/customer is always number one and there’s nothing we won’t try and do to improve the quality of your health. If it’s possible, we will do it.

In addition to all the fantastic customer service we also have very competitive prices.

Synmed Automated Dispensing

PharmacyBc Group has an automated prescription filling system for solid oral medications that require Daily/Weekly Blister packaging called “SynMed”. This is the most used system in Community and Hospital Pharmacies Canada wide today.

SynMed increases the efficiency in the Pharmacy by being able to dispense up to 55 doses a minute as well as the accuracy of the prescription filling process.

When the prescriptions are filled by SynMed a card is printed that goes along with the Daily/Weekly pack. The printed card has a barcode that must be matched up with the correct “pack” before the system will allow the prescriptions to be filled. This card also has the names of all medications in the pack, the number of pills in each compartment, the directions on how to take all the medications, as well as a colour picture of all medications in the package.

The capacity of the SynMed is quite extraordinary as it can hold up to 400 different medications as well as the ability to add pre-packed
sublingual tablets and many others manually, if necessary.

All the above features provide multiple layers of visual checks for pharmacy staff to ensure the safety and accuracy of all prescriptions before they leave the pharmacy.

Screening/Diagnostic Tests

Blood Pressure Monitoring

As part of our Pharmacy with Care Program we provide daily blood pressure monitoring when needed. The readings are taken by Licensed Practical Nurses and recorded daily. The readings can also be submitted to patients doctor if requested.
The Pharmacy Team member will also call 911 if they feel the patients blood pressure is so high as to be life threatening and will stay with the patient until the ambulance arrives. They can also perform CPR if they feel it is necessary.

Additionally all six of our locations have a seated blood pressure monitoring system called Pharmasmart. This blood pressure machine is very accurate. A patient can get a Pharmasmart card that will track your blood pressure day to day or week to week and print out your last 10 results. The main benefit of the pharmasmart machine, besides the tracking feature, is the accuracy of the machine. Most of the blood pressure machines in retail settings are serviced approximately once a year. Our machines are serviced monthly, so you can count on the result.

Also if you are concerned about your readings the pharmacist on duty will be happy to help you decipher what they mean to you and contact your physician, if requested.

Pharmacy with Care general

Pharmacy With Care

The Medicine Shoppe offers FREE delivery for prescription medications as well as a daily dispense witness program. Our Licensed Practical Nurse's will deliver your medications to your door free of charge.

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