20 Jan

Walk to Okinawa

January 20th, 2016

PharmacyBC/The Medicine Shoppe is proud to announce that we are sponsoring the first Annual Vancouver Walk to Okinawa event, generously hosted by the Vancouver Seniors Services Providers.

The Walk to Okinawa is a community based event simulating a trek from Vancouver, BC to Okinawa, Japan. Why Okinawa, of all places? The Island of Okinawa has earned the distinction of being the residence of the world’s longest-living and healthiest adults. Physical activity is one of the major pillars of the balanced lifestyle that Okinawans embrace.

The month-long walk seeks to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle by getting Vancouver seniors walking. The first 500 walkers to sign up to participate will receive a podometer to record their total steps taken during the walking event, running from February 15 – March 15, 2016. We then invite the community to please join us and our fellow sponsors at the beautiful VanDusen Gardens on Sunday, April 17th 2016 for a seniors event featuring a wide range of community organizations and services designed to improve your health.

PharmacyBC/The Medicine Shoppe is dedicated to supporting our community’s health and well-being, by participating in community events and running community-oriented health programs such as our Pharmacy with Care program and introducing the technology-forward program, HealthTab. To learn more about our programs and services and how they can be leveraged to improve your health, please see our website at

The Vancouver Seniors Services Providers are a group of senior service providers in the Vancouver area who deliver a broad range of quality services and products to seniors and their families. Their mission is to improve the lives of seniors and the families with excellence, integrity and compassion. To learn more about Vancouver Seniors Services Providers and their services, check out their website at


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